We specialize in training service dogs for  people with autism, diabetes, & epilepsy. No two people are affected the same way, so we don't have one-size-fits-all  programs. By taking a look into our clients' lifestyles & specific needs, we're able to put together a unique training program for each dog we place. 

About Us


We stand behind everything we do

We strongly believe in teamwork, and we are driven to give the absolute best in everything we do. From the prescreening application to our in-home delivery, we work our hardest to make sure your journey is enjoyable. We are available for our clients throughout the working lifetime of the dog and have exclusive training refreshers available to our customers. We promise to make each client’s journey special and provide superior customer service. We deliver top-quality, healthy dogs. We stand behind every dog we place and provide a written warranty with our purchase agreement and acknowledgments so you know what you can expect right from the start.


Hello, I’m Maritza Trujillo, the founder of Loyalty Service Dogs. I began my journey training service dogs at the age of 19 after finishing school at the National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio. From there I went on to work for two other major service dog organizations. I dedicated my time to creating a new service dog training program, one that 1) offers our clients personalized service and tailored training programs and 2) understands individual needs. Focusing on our clients' unique lifestyles, goals and challenges what we're all about.

We have a unique 12–14 page application that allows us to look beyond your "diagnosis" and really obtain a better understanding of what YOUR specific needs are. I review each application and am involved throughout this wonderful journey. To us our dogs aren't just another paycheck & our families aren't just another number in our files. Our Dogs are incredibly important to us, and we train them to help make a real difference in the live of our clients.

Taking an ordinary dog and turning it into an extraordinary life companion, that provide our clients with peace of mind, independence, and security. We try to do our part to help people affected by autism, diabetes, and epilepsy.                                                                                                                                            

Loyalty Service dogs are awesome dogs for awesome people. For more information, please call or email us:
Phone: 1.833.228.8787

Look Forward to helping you in this wonderful journey, 

Maritza Trujillo