Service Dog Stories of dogs we've placed over the years.

trained service dog

Autism Tails

Autism Tails is actually the story of 2 dogs placed in opposite sides of the U.S. One team being in Kentucky &  one in Texas. Both moms united & put together what is now Autism Tails to help other families potentially looking into alternative medical ways to help their children with autism. You can follow their journey with Loyalty Service Dogs on their social media under Autism Tails.

The Huff Family- KY

The Simmons Family- TX


"The Dark Days Are Over"

Caleb & his service dog Tucker have been matched since he was in high school now being a sophomore in college he attributes his success to his service dog. When asked how the service dog helps me he says "The dark days are over" by helping him get out  of his shell & give him the confidence he needs to explore & try new things.

Caleb Strachan -CA

trained service dog

Community comes together for Jake & Heather

Heather Champion is a local from Mesquite, NV who thought she couldn't afford a service dog. Until the community proved her otherwise & raised all the funds for the program & then some. She has now been happily matched with her seizure service dog Jake 4 years & counting.

Heather Champion-NV

trained service dog

Zoey the Seizure-Mobility Super Service Dog!

When the Stempinski family where in need of a service dog they we're sure which route to go the mobility service dog route or the seizure service dog route. Luckily with our dual trained service dog program they where able to get both. Zoeyis trained to help when a seizure occurs as well as light mobility work with the wheelchair. They now have the perfect mix of both worlds for there son.

The Stempinski Family -PA

trained service dog

Best Buds in New York City

Grovers journey from training in the desert to living it big in a metropolitan city couldn't have gone any better. Using training techniques that are "outside of the box" we where able to achieve this goal & get him ready for his first ever Subway train ride. 

    The Cacy Family -NY

trained service dog

Beau & Tanner

Through the power of fundraising Tanner's family was able to raise the funds for his service dog.  It has been a great journey training his seizure/mobility service dog to accompany him everywhere he goes, these boys where a match made in heaven!

The Gracia Family -MA

trained service dog

A Farm Girl & Her Side Kick Service Dog

Training our first ever Brittany Spaniel in the program for a horse riding loving girl to help keep her glucose numbers in range while out on the farm was a great experience. Seeing how well Sparky took to the horses & his new lifestyle was amazing. They're now off to new adventures both on & off the farm.

The Graffunder Family - WI